Coconut Oil Diet



With the growing number of health-conscious people around the world, numerous diet fads are also coming out, each promising to be the ultimate solution to your weight woes. Yet, they require such strict compliance that ultimately we give up, and we feel bad about ourselves and vow that on the next diet, we won’t be so weak-hearted anymore. The cycle will then repeat itself, and one day you’ll realize that your weight is just bouncing up and down every time you stop and take up another fad.


One thing about fad diets is that most work on the principle of eliminating fat from the body. This is inadvisable, because the body needs fats to absorb some important vitamins and minerals. Cell membranes and hormone production are also influenced by some varieties of fats. Body functions can be severely compromised if you cut fat out of your diet completely.

There is one relatively new solution, and it comes in the form of virgin coconut oil. Aside from the many health benefits that it has been shown to have, it can also be used to lose weight. Some people think that coconut oil is bad for the body because of its vast amounts of cholesterol. However, we’re not talking about that kind of coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil undergoes a very different process from regular coconut oil, thus it has none of its adverse properties. Virgin coconut oil has been known to enhance vitality and cardiovascular functions for many years. Just ask Polynesian societies.


Present in virgin coconut oil is a special kind of fat called the MCFAs, or medium-chain fatty acids. When these are consumed, they go directly to the liver and are converted into energy. When your energy levels are up, you have more opportunity to burn calories, and thus, lose weight. Additionally, it can reduce food cravings because it fills the body’s needs for fat. Food cravings are your body’s way of informing you that you’re missing something important. Low-fat diets leave you dissatisfied and wanting for more because it deprives the body of its required quantity of fat in order to function properly.


The recommended intake of virgin coconut oil is 1 teaspoon a day, then gradually increase it to 2 or 3 teaspoons for the day. Since this becomes your body’s chief source of fat, it’s all right to follow other low-fat diet plans. Soon, you will reap the benefits of virgin coconut oil, which are not only limited to solving your weight problems, it can make your whole body healthier too.