The Benefits of Coconut Oil



The use of coconut oil is making waves today among the people who are conscious of their health. The oil has been known to have numerous beneficial results; from losing weight to protecting the body from the progression of degenerative diseases, coconut oil has been perceived to play a part. Though coconut oil is technically made of fats, it is safe and it does not accumulate in the body. It can raise the body’s metabolism, thus providing the body with more energy and burn calories as well. It also lowers cholesterol instead of adding to it.


Coconut oil has the one of the highest concentration of natural medium-chain fatty acids, second only to mother’s milk. It also has monoglycerides and lauric acid, important chemicals that are also present in mothers’ breast milk. Lauric acid has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. The immune system is better equipped to fight invasions of diseases, infections, harmful bacteria, and yeast.


Coconut oil can also stabilize the body’s levels of blood sugar, thus providing great help to those who suffer from diabetes. In addition, heart cells are also protected by coconut oil from sustaining damage, thus lowering the risk for cardiovascular disorders. For women, coconut oil can be used to help provide relief for symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) or menopause. Women have attested to the effectiveness of coconut oil to decrease the symptoms they suffer from.


As opposed to highly-processed vegetable oils, coconut oil does not easily spoil. Spoilt oil becomes toxic to the body, freeing free radicals that can do much damage to all of the body’s systems. Unsaturated oils can become stale within hours after it was used to cook, even if it was refrigerated. The compounds present in coconut oil are stable, thus, even if it was left in room temperature for up to 2 years, it will not spoil easily. Coconut oil can be used as a healthy alternative to butter, margarine, shortening, and other oils.


It can also be applied externally. A lot of people who have applied coconut oil directly on their skin and hair have attested to its benefits. It can temporarily relieve itching from rashes, and it has anti-aging properties as well. Yeast infections can also be treated by coconut oil, according to recent research. In addition, for those who love getting a massage, the oil, with its wonderful aroma and texture, can make for good massage oils.